Play. Learn. Explore

Established by Stellar Education Group in 2021, Stellar Playschool is a premium preschool that offers a holistic learning approach with interactive learning experiences for children aged 18 months to 6 years. Our curriculum incorporates innovative technology and S.T.E.AM education to provide fun, hands-on learning opportunities for our beloved children.

Stellar Playschool aspires to build a community for parents of young children. We place a significant focus on community bonding in addition to having children to learn from, particularly for inexperienced parents to discover a community in raising their children together.

Open Classroom Concept

Large, open-space learning areas are a signature feature of the 21st-century school environment. Open-space collaborative learning areas are on the rise in Malaysian schools.

Playgroup Programme

A preparatory programme to equip toddlers (18 – 36 months old) in their cognitive development, social-emotional development, and communication skills before departing to a formal learning environment.

Thematic Playschool

The thematic learning method combines all subject areas under one theme to help children apply knowledge and skills to real-world situations for a sustainable future.

Fun Interactive Learning

Creativity always starts with imagination. Children who learn through interactive learning have a greater understanding of concepts and are able to apply them more effectively in their everyday lives.

Enrichment Centre

Our preschool collaborates with external providers to ensure the quality of our enrichment programmes. The wide range of enrichment activities, such as baking class, will help students develop in their different areas of strength.

Childcare Centre

Our childcare supervision consists of flexible sessions suited for young children. We provide a secure, stimulating, and caring environment to encourage independence, which will help the children reach their full potential.